U-Design Guidelines

U-Design file submission is for those with professional expertise in graphic design. If you or your graphic artist is experienced in preparing print ready files, you may want to take advantage of this lower cost option.

· Please call before beginning work on any U-Design project.

· We can give you the proper dimensions, bleed, and type placement for your job.

· We cannot offer assistance in how to make or prepare the actual PDF print ready file.

· If it becomes necessary to make any changes to your print ready PDF file after your order is submitted, a completely new PDF file must be sent.

· We cannot make any changes or corrections to your PDF print ready file at Custom Color.

· Please note: If unusual amount of communication is necessary because of problems with your PDF files, extra charges may apply.

U-Design Form

To assist you in your attempt of designing your own schedule cards, we have provided a set of guidelines in this PDF.